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Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
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9000 Aalborg

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Danske Bank

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Anders Brinch

f. 1971

Anders Brinch finds his expression in paintings, sculptures and installations, which he mixes up in all manner of ways. His choice of colour ranges from delicate pastel colours to dark, gloomy shades, and he includes materials such as fabric, sequins and plaster of Paris, together with organic materials such as plants and fish. He draws his inspiration from expressive and psychedelic art, astronomy, popular culture, comic strips, theatre, film etc. From these impressions he creates a fantasy universe, which is both humorous and grotesque, and which provides a lopsided view of everyday life. However, at the same time, his works comment on socially related issues.

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Works of Art - Anders Brinch

Anders Brinch