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Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
Kong Christians Allé 50
9000 Aalborg

Phone: +45 99 82 41 00
CVR: 47 21 82 68
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Danske Bank

Regnr.: 4368 Kontonr.: 3402 188 898 

The BankMalbekRau Artist Group

dannet 1999
The BankMalbekRau artist group have been in existence since 1999. Their works often play with aspects of space, architecture and design, focusing on decoration, ornamentation and symbolism. The group work with wood, leather, cardboard and paper etc., and several of the works are characterised by their combination of forms: for example painting and sculpture, or figurative and abstract. The works contain various references to art history, including still life, Pop Art, Op Art, Art Deco and antiquity.

Periods and Themes

Works of Art - The BankMalbekRau Artist Group

The BankMalbekRau Artist Group