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John Kørner

DK, b.1967

Breaking, 2021


About the work

Who decides what constitutes news? Who produces the news? Art can be news, but can news be art? These are some of the questions raised by John Kørner in his new work created specifically for this exhibition. An artwork that performs a dual function of artistic installation and media news desk where visitors can be interviewed. Although Kørner’s news desk is intended for journalists and media people – you are welcome, when the artwork is ’empty’, to step inside the world of news journalists and start working. The workplace is yours.


John Kørner has addressed many kinds of socially relevant issues and approaches various segments of society as ‘problems’, which he subjects to painterly analysis, often by using the colour ‘Kørner yellow’. The artwork in this exhibition comprises an office with the headline Breaking written in bold on the wall. Media people can sit here and create narratives that we can read and listen to later. Is the exhibition breaking news? Can an exhibition about modern working life pull headlines? Will anyone rise to the bait? John Kørner exposes power structures and stages problems via his art. The yellow and black universe encourages viewers and those working inside the artwork to be on their guard. Being constantly in a state of readiness: the next breaking news is just round the corner.



The work functions as a real place of work. Not unlike Kørner’s general practice which zooms in on topical social themes, this work represents a small – and nevertheless artificial – section of a workplace whose purpose is to produce value. Journalists work under constant pressure of creating news, working, researching, and producing, constantly pressurised to discover a fresh angle.


The work was conceived via Kørner’s interest in what exactly makes headlines in the press in Denmark and a longing for art to make it to the front page. Like in the old days when Klaus Rifbjerg published a new novel which was all over the front pages. Could today’s artist help set the agenda and could artists have more impact on social development through their works?