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De Unge Vilde (The Young Wild Ones)

The unifying classification for a wide variety of German painters, who from the late 1970s onwards made their breakthrough with a style of Neo-Expressionistic painting. Their art is characterised by "wild" figurative subjects and colours, drawing inspiration from early twentieth-century German Expressionism, but with a clear stance in terms of topical issues, including urban culture and the punk aesthetic. The culmination of this never clearly definable trend consisted of two exhibitions in 1982, documenta 7 in Kassel and Zeitgeist in Berlin. The exhibitions also included examples of American Neo-Expressionism and Italian transavanguardia, two related trends in the painting of the 1980s. Also in 1982, a Danish group of young artists presented works of a similar character in the exhibition The Knife on the Head. "De Unge Vilde" is thus a popular designation for a group of Danish painters, all students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the 1980s.

Works of Art - De Unge Vilde (The Young Wild Ones)