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Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
Kong Christians Allé 50
9000 Aalborg

Phone: +45 99 82 41 00
CVR: 47 21 82 68
EAN: 5798003745718


Danske Bank

Regnr.: 4368 Kontonr.: 3402 188 898 


A designation, which the German art critic Herwardth Walden, the publisher of the Berlin avant-garde periodical Der Sturm (The Storm) (1910-32), put into circulation to characterise all modern art, in contrast to Impressionism. Later applied to art, in which forms are not conceived from the direct observation of nature, but from subjective reactions to reality. Today any form of art, in which conventional ideas of realism and proportion have been overturned by the artists' emotions with distorted shapes and colours.