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Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
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9000 Aalborg

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A term created by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire in 1917, but now applied to a movement founded in 1924 by the author André Breton. It was adopted by the French Dada movement, who made positive use of its methods and practices: for example the mockery of logic and the use of shock effects as a denial of conventional art. Under the influence of Freud, Surrealism claimed that it liberated the wealth of the subconscious by "prioritising dreams" and excluding conscious control: automatism. The movement was initially literary, but found its visual expression in: collage and frottage (Max Ernst); so-called Veristic Surrealism, which deployed fantastic elements, painted with extreme attention to detail (Salvador Dali and Yves Tanguy); a free form of abstraction, based on automatism (André Masson). The latter trend was to have an influence on Abstract Expressionism.

Works of Art - Surrealism