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La Dolce Vita
Wilhelm Freddie

La Dolce Vita

Wilhelm Freddie was one of the leading Danish Surrealists and in his works constantly returned to themes such as the sexual, the flesh and enjoyment. So it can be difficult to determine whether La Dolce Vita below portrays the woman as a sex object or whether the woman herself is advertising her wares.

Wilhelm Freddie’s painting shares its title with Federico Fellini’s film from 1959, in which Anita Ekberg played the main part. Common to them, too, is the sensual and erotic theme conveyed. Against a pale green background we see a loosely portrayed naked female body stretching out along the picture’s diagonal. The body’s gender can be determined by dint of the stylised sexual organ, which is emphasised on the vertical golden section on the left. There are hints of objects and furniture around the body though without a recognisable environment being created around the woman.

Oil on canvas
130,5 x 196,0 cm (lysmål)

Periods and Themes