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Liquid Landscape
Jonas Pihl
2008 (2010)

Liquid Landscape

In Liquid Landscape Jonas Pihl draws on historical art references to landscape, but not a natural landscape, such as we know from the Golden Age, for example. Instead, lines of silicone have been stuck to plastic clips, plastic toys, Mickey Mouse ears, Goofy's nose, an artificial Christmas tree and ladders. The tiny area of green landscape, which one catches a glimpse of, is drowning in plastic and products from popular culture, and the small ladders do not seem high enough for people to climb up and escape. The landscape has become liquid, synthetic and artificial. Is the work perhaps a suggestion that we should take better care of our environment?

2008 (2010)
Silicone, rubber, mahogani, foam, and acrylic on plastic
50,0 x 145,0 x 120,0 cm


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