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Stine Goya x Kunsten

Nov 21st 2024 to May 25th 2025

Enter a special, inclusive universe and discover the museum’s collection as presented and curated by the Danish fashion designer, Stine Goya.

Visitors have something very special to look forward to this autumn, when the internationally renowned Danish fashion designer, Stine Goya will co-curate and present works from Kunsten’s permanent collection in a major new exhibition.


Stine Goya has a distinctively artistic approach to her work. In close collaboration with Kunsten, Goya’s bright colours, patterns and prints will form the framework for an inclusive universe, in which works from the museum’s collection will play a role in a broader narrative of separation, longing, dreams and desires.


Top: Portrait of Stine Goya © Rasmus Weng Karlsen


Photo: Stine Goya PR

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