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Kunsten’s Drawing Club x Sketch With Me

Sharpen your best pencil, dust off your sketchpad and join the ‘Sketch With Me’ drawing session at Kunsten

‘Sketch With Me’ is an informal community for ALL drawing enthusiasts, who enjoy sharing their love of drawing and sketching with others. While drawing, we’ll listen to music, chat, enjoy a beer and share various drawing tips and tricks (if necessary).


Bastian from ‘Sketch With Me’ is Kunsten’s Drawing Club host and welcomes anyone who fancies taking part. You can come and do your own thing, but Bastian is happy to provide some helpful suggestions, if you get artist’s block or need a challenge. During the session, Bastian will also take anyone who wishes on a guided drawing tour of the exhibitions. Now and then, he will be joined by a guest artist to teach us something special.
Whether you’re a professional cartoonist, a closet illustrator or have just sketched your very first lines on a sheet of paper – it doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome to take part – because EVERYONE CAN DRAW!


Jun 7th 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Aug 23rd 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Sep 6th 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Sep 13th 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Oct 11th 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Nov 1st 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Nov 15th 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Nov 29th 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Dec 6th 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Dec 20th 2023, 6:45pm to 8:45pm

Praktisk information

  • The event is free upon paid admission.
  • Members of Club Kunsten + Utzon have free admission.
  • Registration not required – you just show up.
  • You do not have to participate for the full two hours. Drop by as you like – five minutes or the full two hours.
  • The workshop takes place in our workshop in the lower level at the museum. However on the 1st of march we will be drawing in the Library at the upper level floor.
  • Kunsten will have tools ready for you to use, but you are free to bring your own.
  • Beer, wine, water, cake and snacks can be purchased in Brasserie Kunsten and you can bring them to the workshop.

Kunsten efter 17: Another evening – another great expererience

Kunsten efter 17: Another evening – another great expererience

Creative workshops

Creative workshops with workshops, drawing courses and artistic experiments


Lectures and conversations

Lectures and conversations about art, architecture, socitety, culture and current exhibitions.


An extra bite of Kunsten

An extra bite of Kunsten

The Shop at Kunsten and the restaurant Brasserie Kunsten can be visited without paying the entrance fee – is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 9pm.
Complete you museum experience with a visit to Brasserie Kunsten.
Get inspired by the exhibitions and experience a handpicked selection of design objects that reflects the museum exhibitions and art collection.

Join Club Kunsten + Utzon

Join Club Kunsten + Utzon

Get free admission for you and a friend, world-class exhibitions, delicious food with a discount in Brasserie Kunsten, activities for kids of any age, discount in the museum shop and we could go on...

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