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All in a row or higgledy-piggledy?

Feb 29th 2020 to Sep 27th 2020

Have you ever thought about how works of art are presented in a museum? Are they hanging close together, high or low? How are they grouped together? And what does the presentation actually mean in terms of how we experience the art?

Bear these questions in mind when you visit Kunsten’s Side-Lit Galleries, which we have filled with the major works of the museum’s own collection. Kunsten’s permanent collection covers more than 200 years and features works by some of the most important, most notable artists in the history of Danish art. The exhibition is an opportunity to explore a number of works, whether nose-to-nose or standing on your toes, ranging from Symbolism and Cobra art to Concrete Art, Fluxus and the ‘Unge Vilde’ [Young Wild] movement.