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Donation Florence & Daniel Guerlain

May 21st 2016 to Sep 4th 2016

At Kunsten we often highlight the unique inflow of light as one of the Museum’s distinct architectural features. However, this has hitherto prevented us from exhibiting art on paper, for which a dark setting is required.

In recent decades there has been a growing interest in art on paper. As a result, collectors all over the world have built collections of such works by international artists.


In 2012 the Guerlain heirs donated their enormous collection of more than 1200 drawings by more than 200 artists to the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Kunsten has kindly been allowed to exhibit a selection of the most outstanding works, which demonstrate the artistic scope of the collection.

The exhibition has been developed in cooperation with Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and The Nordic Watercolour Museum in Gothenburg.

The list of participating artists is global:
Silvia Bächli (Switzerland), Rina Banerjee (India), Marc Bauer (Switzerland), Ulla von Brandenburg (Germany), Erik Dietman (Germany), Mark Dion (The USA), Marlene Dumas (South Africa), Marcel Dzama (Canada), Vidya Gastaldos (France), Huang Yong Ding (China), Leiko Ikemura (Japan), Frederoque Loutz (France), Thomas Müller (Germany), Joyce Pensato (New York), Pavel Pepperstein (Russia), Javier Perez (Spain).


The exhibition is curated in cooperation with Musée National d’Art Moderne – Centre de Création Industrielle – Centre Pompidou, Paris


Press photos

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Accreditation: Niels Fabæk, Kunsten.