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John Kørner

May 3rd 2024 to Aug 18th 2024

A new solo exhibition devoted to the work of John Kørner will present both favourites and brand new, experimental, colourful ‘problems’.

The exhibition is the first solo presentation at an art museum in seven years by the Danish contemporary artist John Kørner (b. 1967). Discover existing works from Kunsten’s collection alongside brand new paintings, sculptures and installations, created by Kørner especially for this exhibition.

‘Problems’ constitute a recurrent theme in Kørner’s art and the main theme of this exhibition, which spotlights profoundly current social problems, to which both children and adults are invited to relate.


The works will be presented in both the indoor and outdoor areas of the museum. Kunsten’s Sculpture Park will also acquire a new, thought-provoking resident.


More information about the exhibition will be available later in the year. Stay tuned.


John Kørner. Mountain Shopping (2017). 180 (h) x 150 cm. Akryl på lærred.

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