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Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
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Spend the night at Kunsten

Aug 27th 2019, 12:01pm

Unique opportunity to stay a night at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art

Revolving Hotel Room by Carsten Höller can be booked for one night to be spent in Kunsten Museum.
The room, which is an artwork in itself, is part of Höller’s solo exhibition at the museum, entitled Behaviour. It will allow overnight guests to experience his exhibition and the works of the collection on display, within the architecture of the Alvar Aalto-designed building, alone (or with one’s partner) during the hours when Kunsten is usually closed.
Revolving Hotel Room consists of three slowly rotating glass discs bearing a bed and some furniture. It gives the guest an experience of continual rearrangement of the furniture, the architecture, and the artworks on display, in relation to the position of one’s own body.
The exhibition Behaviour aims at providing artworks as tools to influence the experience of visiting an art exhibition. Höller has put a number of his works on display/at use which allow visitors to see (and smell) differently the densely hung paintings from Kunsten’s collection. The paintings that can be experienced in new ways are by Else Alfelt, Karel Appel, Egill Jacobsen, Asger Jorn, Wassily Kandinsky, Carl-Henning Pedersen and Ole Schwalbe.
The work has been previously exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and at the Museum Boijmanns van Beuningen in Rotterdam.
Breakfast will be served at Comwell Hotel Hvide Hus, at a short distance from the Museum.
Overnight stays are bookable via Airbnb or directly at Kunsten.
The exhibition, Carsten Höller – Behaviour, runs from 26 September 2019 to 23 February 2020

About Carsten Höller

Many of Höller’s works invite the viewer to participate and interact with the works while providing opportunities to examine human behaviour, ideas and logic. Höller is concerned with what makes us the people we are, both physically and mentally. Inspired by the history of scientific research, his works create situations that alter and challenge our mental and sensory perceptions. He provokes uncertainty in the viewer – a sense of disorientation and fundamental doubt.


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For booking, please contact:
Camilla Fogh, Exhibition Coordinator
Phone: +45 31 99 41 11
Email: cfog@kunsten.dk 


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For further information, please contact:

Stinna Toft, Chief Curator at Kunsten
Phone: +45 31 99 41 04
Email: stoh@kunsten.dk


Mette Kirstine Goddiksen, Journalist at Kunsten
Phone: +45 31 99 41 03

Email: mkg@kunsten.dk


The exhibition at Kunsten is funded by:
The Obel Family Foundation, Spar Nord Foundation and The Danish Arts Foundation