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Kunsten Summer Lounge

Throughout the summer, every Wednesday is festival day! Every week, Kunsten Summer Lounge features a programme of live music, a DJ, pop-up events and art performances, food from Brasserie Kunsten and chilled drinks. You're in for endless hours of fun! Settle down with friends or family on a picnic blanket or in one of our lounge chairs for a lovely summer evening in the best setting in Aalborg.

Settle down with friends or family on a picnic blanket or in our lounge chairs for a lovely summer evening in the best setting in Aalborg.


Order your food from home and skip the line: Help us avoid food waste by ordering your food in advance. Fancy tapas? Please note that it is only available via pre-order. Click here to go to pre-order.

In Kunsten’s Summer Lounge a new DJ, musician or artist will be providing entertainment every week.


Food trucks will roll into the park and whip up your favourite dishes. In our outdoor Kunst-Lab, different artists will introduce you to materials and tasks and invite you to create something unique.


An entirely new combination of music, food and workshop. Lanterns and torches will light up the park. And the bar will be open. Need we say more!

Kunsten Summer Lounge - Programme 2023


21/6Music: Fallulah (duo)
Talk: Emma Holten + Fallulah: Taking On the Giants!
Workshop: POPUPLOP
Guided tour: Kirsten Justesen – Pussy Power
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28/6Music: AySay
Talk: Svend Brinkmann + Ditlev Tamm + Filiz Yasar: Why Does Wokeism Piss People Off?
Workshop: POPUPLOP
Guided tour: Art and Provocation
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5/7Music: Girls in Airports
Talk: Svend Brinkmann + Karen Vallgårda + Miriam Poulsen: Family Secrets
Workshop: Croquis in the Park
Guided tour: Kunsten's Secrets
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12/7Music: Julie Ellinor
Talk: Svend Brinkmann + Sonja Lovdal + Marlene Briciet Lauritsen: Why Aren't We Thriving?
Workshop: Special Self-portraits
Guided tour: Reflections of the Mind in Kunsten
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19/7Music: Jonathan Hultén
Talk: Adnan Al-Adhami + Morten Elsøe: Facts and Bullshit in the Health Jungle
Art: Arvida Byström – A Cybernetic Doll’s House
Workshop: Zine – Create your own magazine with Buens Bogcafé
Guided tour: The Body in Kunsten
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Music: Dame Dearest x Emma Sehested Høeg
Talk: Adnan Al-Adhami + Helin Erdem + Carolynne Kaddu Rasmussen: Between Two Cultures

DJ: Jonas Visti
Workshop: Consent Printing with the Danish Family Planning Association
Guided tour: Shara Hughes – Right This Way
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2/8Music: Guldimund
Talk: Emma Holten + Michael Kvium + Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl: The Youths and the Heavies in the Art Industry
Art: Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl – Come On, Molly
Workshop: Kunsten's Drawing Club x Sketch With Me
Guided tour: Introduction to Michael Kvium and Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl
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Music: Blaue Blume
Talk: Adnan Al-Adhami + Selma de Montgomery + Jesper Dalgaard Pøhler:Green Lies
Art: Søren Dahlgaard – Inflatable Islands

Workshop: Personal Plants
Guided tour: Nature in Kunsten
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Members gain free admission to all 8 of the Summer Lounge Wednesdays and many other benefits. Of course, if this is part of your membership, you can bring a companion for free.


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Of course you can pay for admission when you come to a Kunsten Summer Lounge. But why not avoid queuing by purchasing your membership in our webshop before you arrive?


We advise you and your friends to arrive well in advance. You cannot book a place in advance for individual Kunsten Summer Lounge Wednesdays.


There is free admission for members of Louisiana Klub.

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Note: Tapas are only available if you pre-order.


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