Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

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9000 Aalborg

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Danske Bank

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New Gallery

Prior to the restoration of Kunsten in 2014-2016 it was apparent that a new gallery was sorely needed: a flexible space with a high level of security in terms of theft, light and climate. The New Gallery was completed in 2016 in the ‘belly’ of the Museum and now encompasses everything the Museum and visitors wanted.


This gallery guarantees maximum attention on the exhibition, allowing it to be ‘the only star’. The light can be controlled to support a particular ambience or scenography. The gallery can also be blacked out entirely for the likes of video installations, which require a completely or partially dark room. In addition, because it is possible to keep out the light completely, the New Gallery is also ideal for the exhibition of light-sensitive works: for example, paper works.


The gallery is extremely flexible. Walls can be built wherever required without the limitation of architecture and the architectural lines of the building. The New Gallery has a concrete floor, which means that very heavy objects can be moved into the gallery, if required.



Fotos: Montgomery Photography