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Did the Pandemic Kill Our Communities? –

Do the many new online events and communities have the same coherence as physical communities and events? What does it take to save physical communities during and after the corona pandemic, and can art and culture play a central and crucial role in that process?

We have invited three cultural figures to the final part of the the internationally acclaimed artist Jeppe Hein, musician and entrepreneur Kristian Riis and co-founder of Burning Man, Harley Dubois, who will discuss how cultural events and art can support and develop cultural communities. The talk begins with a visit to Jeppe Hein's Studio in Berlin.

You will meet a founder of the legendary Burning Man Festival, a rockstar and serial entrepreneur as well as an artist who uses social interaction as a driving force in his art. In this sixth, we focus on the communities based on the cultural events and artistic performances that we have all been missing during the corona pandemic.


The talk is moderated by Lasse Anderson, director of Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg and Utzon Center. The talk is presented by Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg in collaboration with NordicLA. The sixth is also part of of the Danish post-pandemic iniative "Sammen om Kunsten", which is supported by the Augustinus Foundation and the Louis-Hansen Foundation.


The participants

Harley K. Dubois is a co-founder of Black Rock City LLC, a founding Board Member of Burning Man Project, and a founding Board member of the Black Rock Arts Foundation. Harley first went to Burning Man in 1991 and served as City Manager of Black Rock City, overseeing community services, public safety, zoning, sustainability, and volunteerism. She has provided key leadership to the fiduciary, legal, and staff development functions while contributing to the evolution of Burning Man from an event production company into a global arts and culture nonprofit with a 100-year vision for inspiring positive social change. In 2016, Harley was named a founding Board Member of the Nation of Makers, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide more Americans access to the spaces, communities, and tools to make more and consume less.
Jeppe Hein bases much of his practice on the relationships that exist between our internal consciousness and more physical elements. Using minimal yet elegant materials that often reflect our own image, as well as forms that playfully encourage us to move our bodies and to change positions, Jeppe Hein creates an interactive and constantly changing dialogue between the spectator, the work, and the exhibition space that surrounds it. Jeppe Hein born in Denmark is today based in Berlin and has had solo exhibitions at several prestigious institutions including Centre Pompidou (Paris), Tate Liverpool (Liverpool), Spregel Museum (Hannover), Shirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt) to mention a few.


Kristian Riis is a guitarist in Nephew, which he formed together with Simon Kvamm in 1996. Alongside Nephew, Kristian is a cultural entrepreneur. He has helped create the Heartland Festival, he has opened NordicLA - a bridge-building platform for creative companies and artists who want to create a career in the United States. He runs and develops the creative agency Volcano, which develops creative business models and creative ecosystems.

dgct #6 stream has been made possible with support from the Spar Nord Foundation, the Region of North Jutland, the Augustinus Foundation and the Louis-Hansen Foundation