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All Together Now

Oct 8th 2020 to Apr 5th 2021

Focus: Danish Contemporary Art

Discover some of the most influential artists in Denmark and see society with fresh eyes. A comprehensive new exhibition of both recognisable and brand new contemporary works from Kunsten’s collection will provide visitors with a refreshing boost of energy.    


The exhibition All Together Now spotlights Danish contemporary art, featuring works from a major donation to Kunsten in 2019 from Margit and Jens Haven Christiansen’s collection. The donation includes a huge range of works by such prominent Danish contemporary artists as Peter Bonde, John Kørner, Katrine Ærtebjerg, Peter Linde Busk and Adam Saks, to name but a few. 


This is the first time the collection will be shown in its entirety and juxtaposed with a selection of Danish contemporary art from Kunsten’s existing collection. Exhibited side by side, together the works will form one coherent collection. In other words, they will be All Together Now – also the title of one of the works in the exhibition by the Danish artist Anders Brinch. 


The exhibition will feature drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. There are a myriad of opinions when it comes to what contemporary art is, and when art is contemporary. The term constantly shifts, because the age in which we live constantly shifts. 


Michael Kvium’s raw characters reflecting the Punk and Grunge of the 1980s and 1990s; Cathrine Raben Davidsen’s silent, contemplative silhouettes; Mille Kalsmose’s installation exploring alternative family relationships; the mysterious, surreal worlds of Julie Nord; and Allan Otte’s beautiful, ultra-realistic images of contemporary industry. These are just some of the delights that lie in store for visitors to the exhibition. 

The works are beautiful, ugly, offbeat, scary and humorous, each offering a different view of today’s world and what living in it means. 


Focus is an exhibition series that zooms in on a single artist or a theme in Kunsten’s collection.  

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