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Ernesto Neto - Rui Ni / Voices of the Forest

Apr 21st 2016 to Oct 23rd 2016

The exhibition is a continuation of a series of exhibitions where Kunsten ask different artists to work in and with the main exhibition hall of the museum and take on the architecture of the world-renowed Alvar Aalto.

Ernesto Neto (born 1964) is considered one of Brazil's top-artists of today and his popular works are exhibited across the world. He is an artist of sensuality and does a brilliant job involving the audience in his magnificent installations, created to fit the exhibition space they 'live' with.


At Kunsten, Ernesto Neto will create his biggest location-specific installation in Denmark to date. Just like Alvar Aalto, Ernesto Neto finds inspiration in the nature and its shapes, and we can not wait to invite our audience into an unforgettable experience at Kunsten.


Soft and sensual sculptures

"I'm a sculpture and I think as a sculpture," Neto says, as he will be transforming the main exhibition hall at Kunsten into a sensual installation called "Voices of the Forest". Ernesto Neto challenges our traditional perception of the sculture and transforms the main exhibition hall into a form of living organism.

Ernesto Neto has created Rui Ni / Voices of the Forest in collaboration with Txanabane and his Huni Kuin family. 

The exhibition is among others supported by The Obel Family Foundation.


Press photos

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* * * * * * Nordjyske, May 30 2016


Bodybox 2016

Ernesto Neto has created this unique and spiritual art work for his exhibition at Kunsten called Bodybox 2016. It is limited to 50 copies and only available at and at the museum. Please contact Kunsten if it must be shipped to another country that Denmark.