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Mar 4th 2022 to Aug 21st 2022

Throughout history, marble has exuded power, status and beauty. It is also synonymous with Kunsten, whose building will be celebrating its 50th birthday in 2022. To celebrate the occasion, the museum will be presenting a diverse cornucopia of works in marble, created by a number of history’s artistic heavyweights: Auguste Rodin, Bertel Thorvaldsen, Asger Jorn, Barbara Hepworth, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Marc Quinn, Louise Bourgeois – to name but a few.
Used in art since antiquity, more than any other material marble helped define classical art and our understanding of the origins of Western culture.
Traditionally speaking, marble reflected status, history, power and the classical ideals of beauty. Countless of the most iconic works in the history of art are made of marble, ranging from sculptures such as Laocoön and the Venus de Milo to architectural masterpieces that include the Parthenon and the Taj Mahal. In recent years, while marble has also become a much-loved material in interior design, many associate it with the kitsch of the 1980s. Despite, or because of the aura of the material and its unmistakably sensuous qualities, in recent decades marble has once again become a favourite material for many contemporary artists.
The exhibition MARBLE spotlights how the material is processed, understood and interpreted in contemporary art, and the significance of marble as a material in terms of the content a work of art projects to the world.
The exhibition will feature works by: A Kassen ○ Ai Weiwei ○ Adrian Paci ○ Aglaia Konrad ○ Alicja Kwade ○ Andy Warhol ○ Asger Jorn ○ Auguste Rodin ○ Barbara Hepworth ○ Bertel Thorvaldsen ○ Christian Lemmerz ○ Edward Burtynsky ○ Elmgreen & Dragset ○ Erwin Wurm ○ Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini ○ Henri Laurens ○ Henry Heerup ○ Henry Moore ○ Jeannette Ehlers ○ Jeff Koons ○ Jone Kvie ○ Jose Dávila ○ Kirsten Ortwed ○ Lea Guldditte Hestelund ○ Louise Bourgeois ○ Marc Quinn ○ Marwan Rechmaoui ○ Michelangelo Pistoletto ○ Milena Naef ○ Nan Goldin ○ Pedro Reyes ○ Poul Gernes ○ Robert Jacobsen ○ Ryan Gander ○ Schweppenhäuser/Thomsen & Morten Søndergaard ○ Superflex ○ Vanessa Beecroft


Main photo credit:

Jeff Koons, Bourgeois Bust, 1991
Pinault Collection © Jeff Koons

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The Marble Building Zone

In the exhibition's "Building Zone" you can get marble between your hands and build your own little sculpture.


The artworks in the exhibition can not be touched, but in the Creative Zone you must touch and find both rough marble pieces and marble from the home, which you must put together to build your own sculpture and exhibit on the shelves in the zone. There is no glue or screws, so you need balance your marble sculpture without support.


Let your senses guide your through how different the surfaces are on a piece of raw marble and a candlestick in marble from the living room. What happens when the two different expressions are put together in a sculpture? Have fun building!









Jeff Koons, Bourgeois Bust, 1991
Pinault Collection © Jeff Koons


Marc Quinn, Another Kiss, 2006
Copyright Marc Quinn Studio


Milena Naef, Fleeting Parts, 2016
at Studio Oliver Gustav © Milena Naef. Photo: Lisa Marie Vlietstra


Erwin Wurm, Modesty, 2021
Paonazzo Marble. Courtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London · Paris · Salzburg · Seoul © Erwin Wurm / Bildrecht, Wien 2021. Photo: Ulrich Ghezzi