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The Magic of Form - Design and Art

Jul 9th 2021 to Mar 6th 2022

The Stelton jug, the Egg, the Seven, the Globe – you name it. Danish design is known and loved all over the world for its simplicity, organic form and functionality. Join us on a journey through the history, trends and inspiration of Danish design.

The Magic of Form is a strikingly exceptional exhibition, featuring the relationship between Danish design and other artistic forms of expression: mainly visual art, sculpture and architecture, but also performing arts.


You will enter a space featuring total, sensory installations that inevitably trigger curiosity and discussion.


The Magic of Form offers visitors a close encounter with such icons as Thorvald Bindesbøl, Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner, Nanna Ditzel, Verner Panton and Louise Campbell.


The exhibition represents a new chapter in the history of Danish cultural heritage, shaped in close interaction with international trends.


The Magic of Form is divided into thematic spaces, where key figures in the world of Danish design and their work are juxtaposed with contemporary artists and architects and presented in ways that appeal to all our senses.


The choice of venue for this exhibition, which was created in close cooperation with Designmuseum Danmark, was not a random one. Alvar Aalto’s striking architecture unleashes maximum potential and beautifully underpins The Magic of Form.


This is the first time Designmuseum Danmark has contributed to an exhibition in Jutland, thereby providing more people with the joy of discovering beloved design classics in a completely new setup.


The Magic of Form is the result of collaboration with Designmuseum Danmark and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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