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Thilo Frank – The Phoenix is closer than it appears

Oct 12th 2023 to Feb 25th 2024

Take a swing in Thilo Frank's infinite space. Experience the all-encompassing mirror installation, The Phoenix is closer than it appears.

The Phoenix is closer than it appears is a wild experience. When you step into the museum, the large mirror installation is almost invisible. It disappears into the white surroundings. But on one side of the installation, a small door is hidden. And when you step through that door, a completely different world opens up. An infinite space.


The light and sound change. There are mirrors from floor to ceiling and on all four walls, and you are bombarded with countless reflections of yourself.


In the middle of the room, you'll find a swing. When you set it in motion, the space transforms again. Walls, ceiling, and floor disappear in a centrifugal movement, as if the body is thrown into an endless space.


And your only reference point is your own body.


Thilo Frank' spacial playfulness

Thilo Frank lives and works in Berlin and Munich. He graduated from the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.


Common to Thilo Frank's works is that he plays with light, space, and movement. He works at the intersection of installation, architecture, and design, inviting the viewer to become a part of his works.


Come and experience The Phoenix is closer than it appears. The work only achieves its intended effect in your presence, with your body, your movement, and your time. Take the time to meet and immerse yourself in the work.


Foto: Thilo Frank, 2011.