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Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
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9000 Aalborg

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The 1970s

The 1970s are marked by several different artistic trends of formal experimentation. The Fluxus movement is still active, while other artists experiment with concrete art, ornamental and decorative art, symbolic and surreal Expressionism, Pop Art and Neo-Realism. There also powerfully narrative, cartoon-like works of art. Erik Hagen's Copenhagen's Winter Stadium and Ole Sporring's Welcome to Hareby are examples of the latter trend. Illustration, the line and the narrative are at the forefront. These works tell a number of specific stories. Other works from the period focus on decorative and collective elements: for example, Poul Gernes' Signal Flag, which, like concrete art, makes use of an international geometry for its form. Point, line , surface and colour are universal instruments, which represent a contrast to the individual.

Works of Art - The 1970s

Gunnar Aagaard Andersen
Christian Dotremont
Ben Vautier
Jean Dewasne
Arne Haugen Sørensen
Ib Geertsen
Niels Strøbæk
Daniel Spoerri
Ole Sporring