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Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
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Culture and arts in the age of Covid-19. Live-streamed panel talks presented by Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg and NordicLA

danish.global.culture.talks is a new platform for debating art and culture. It has emerged out of an urgent need to debate the meaning and relevance of culture and art today in an ever-changing global context. This has become even more relevant as a result of the current global crisis caused by Covid-19. Culture and the arts have been ‘forgotten’, as if they were icing on the cake instead of the glue that keeps society together. 

Once the corona crisis has settled down, danish.global.culture.talks will be both an online and offline talks format at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg. The intention is to debate and discuss the importance of art and culture and how they remain relevant and meaningful both locally and globally. Therefore, in the first online sessions, Kunsten has teamed up with our good friends at NordicLA to broaden the global and cultural perspective in panel sessions with leading artists, business people and thinkers from Denmark and the rest of the world. The key questions in the first online sessions look at how the arts and culture will, or can transform the way we perceive the world in times of crisis, and help us overcome, understand and move on from the Corona crisis. 

Every session will start with a piece of art or music performance. All artists performing or participating in talks will receive a fee. All sessions are co-curated by Lasse Andersson and Kristian Riis. The artist programme is co-curated by Kunsten, NordicLA and co-hosts.

Talk sessions

All session are in English and will be streamed live at kunsten.dk/en/talks.


Thursday, April 30, 3pm CET

The Role of Art in a Time of Crisis

– Gitte Ørskou. Director, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
– Bjørnstjerne Christiansen. Artist, Superflex
– Anders Byriel. CEO, Kvadrat


Performance by:
– Bjørnstjerne Christiansen. Artist, Superflex

– Lasse Andersson. Director, Kunsten og Utzon Center

Co-hosted by: Moderna Museet


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Thursday, May 7, 4pm CET

What Happens Online?


– Troy Conrad Therrien. Curator, Architecture and digital initiatives, The Guggenheim Museum
– Marc-Christoph Wagner. Editor, Louisiana Channel
– Christiane Vejlø, Futurist and digital analyst, Elektronista Media


Performance by:
– Kwamie Liv. Musician



– Kristian Riis, NordicLA 


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Thursday, May 14, 8pm CET

Art, Creativity and Play in Learning 


– Bo Stjerne Thomsen. Vice President, LEGO Foundation

– Ryan Gander. Artist

– Karen Wilkinson. Director, The Tinkering Studio, Exploratorium, the museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco


Artist presentation:
– Ryan Gander. Artist


– Lasse Andersson. Direktør, Kunsten og Utzon Center 


Co-hosted by: LEGO Foundation


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Tuesday, May 19, 8pm CET

New Culture Industries in a Time of Change


– Nikolaj Nyholm. Founder & Chairman, Astralis Group
– Simon Kvamm. Musician
– Janne Villadsen. Development & Communications Director, Heartland Festival 


Performance by:
– Simon Kvamm. Musician



– Lasse Andersson. Director, Kunsten og Utzon Center


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What have we learned



– Jeppe Hein. Artist



Performance by:
– Marie Højlund. Musician


The Post-Corona Role of Major Cultural Institutions - Online and Offline


– Louise Herron. CEO, Sydney Opera House
– Poul Erik Tøjner. Director, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
– Harley Dobois. Co-founder, Burning Man


– Lasse Andersson

danish.global.culture.talks has been made possible with support from the Spar Nord Foundation and the Region of North Jutland