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– disjunctions and cosmic connectedness to the world


Is it possible to be physically attached to places even when these are geographically far away? And do our bodies carry the traces of places from which one has become detached? These are some of the questions raised by the art project Displacements, a collaborative art project between Kunsten and the Greenlandic House in Aalborg. In this project we expose the cultural relation between Greenland and Northern Jutland as a contemporary phenomenon. Together with the visual artist Amalia Fonfara, members of the project Artistic Street Food explore how the body stores the memories of places and landscapes, and how these memories co-shape our identity. The results of this work will be presented Wednesday 21 of October in a participatory performance at Kunsten. The performance invites the audience to participate in a drum voyage, in meditative sequences from Fonfara’s artistic practice, as well as performative stagings created by members of Arctic Street Food. After the performance a panel discussion will take place in which the question of decolonizing the ties between Denmark and Greenland will be framed as possible models of action on a local Aalborg scale. The debate will take place in Danish. 











Sponsored by Nordic Culture Point