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Henry Heerup – What Would We Do Without Imagination?

Sep 14th 2023 to Apr 1st 2024

This autumn, visitors can step into the magical universe of Henry Heerup in a major exhibition at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg. The title of the exhibition comes straight from the horse’s mouth: "What Would We Do Without Imagination?"

Henry Heerup (1907-1993) is a one-off in the history of Danish art, familiar to countless people today for his impactful paintings, his distinctive graphic expression and his highly imaginative universe. Today we also regard Heerup as the ultimate symbol of freedom and a prominent member of Denmark’s 20th century avant-garde movement who wanted to reintroduce magic into the world and break away from the shackles and structures of society. But Heerup’s approach was totally unique, originating partly from the magical universe of his garden, where, over the years, a myriad of paintings, garbage models and stone sculptures emerged from a jungle of weeds. Everything resulted from his desire to unite art and life in a ‘re-enchanted’ world.


Featuring a wide selection of works, including both familiar and rarely seen aspects of Henry Heerup’s practice, the exhibition explores the multifaceted aspects of this much-loved artist’s oeuvre and its exploration of big existential questions, the collective fear of war at the time and small everyday moments. In his works, Heerup, who cultivated the magical potential of the world and life, created alternative worlds and went his own way - free of established rules and systems.


Today, Heerup’s ability both to enchant the world and to tackle serious issues is more relevant than ever.

Yes, dear elves, goblins, archangels and strange animals etc. … What would we do without imagination? Art’s greatest source of inspiration”.

 – Henry Heerup, 1966


- Jyllands-Posten



- Kristeligt Dagblad

Heerup i haven, ca. 1950. Foto: Gunvor Jørgsholm. Heerup Museum


Henry Heerup, Skraldeskulptur, u.å. Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg


Henry Heerup, Æblegren, 1932. Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg


Henry Heerup, Sanserne, 1943. Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg


Henry Heerup, Vanløse-madonna, 1934. Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

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