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Pia Arke – Dream and Repression

Jan 19th 2022 to Apr 18th 2022

Pia Arke’s photographic work depicts places, affinities, dreams and particularly the silence associated with her dual affiliation with Greenland and Denmark.

The Greenlandic-Danish artist Pia Arke (1958-2007) died at an early age before witnessing the now steadily increasing interest in her art, both in Denmark and abroad. Today, she is regarded as a one-off in the history of modern Danish art, and ahead of her time in terms of portraying dreams, repression, silence, division and kinship in the light of the colonial history of Greenland and Denmark.


The oeuvre Pia Arke left behind is predominantly photographic and based on her own life and dual affiliation with Greenland and Denmark. This relationship formed the basis for personal, deeply affecting work, which experimented, challenged artistic concepts and, with a mixture of humour great seriousness, addressed current issues.


The exhibition will provide visitors with a comprehensive insight into Pia Arke’s work and includes photography, stagings, performances, collages, processing of map material and genealogy.

”My pictures are about the silence that the ties between Greenland and Denmark entail. I myself was born into that silence.”

– Pia Arke

The Third Place

The Third Place is a public art programme curated by the curatorial collective DECOLONI_AAL which explores the Danish-Greenlandic relation within the local context of Northern Jutland. More info about events will be announced in our calendar. Read more about The Third Place.

Self portrait, 1992
© Pia Arke Estate 


Legende I-V  1999
© Pia Arke Estate
Photo: Poul Buchard / Brøndum & Co 


Photo (top)
No title 1994
© Pia Arke Estate
Photo: Kim Hansen

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Scoresbysund, 1947, c. 1995.
© Pia Arke Estate