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Word | Image

Nov 18th 2022 to May 21st 2023

Words kindle images, and images kindle words. The authors Alberte Winding, Jesper Wung-Sung and Josefine Klougart put words to six distinctive works in the collection.

Words can create images. Images that are not necessarily the same for everyone. Nor do the images we see necessarily conjure up the same words in everyone. No single experience of a work of art is like any other, since we all look at it from different perspectives and with different eyes.


This exhibitions presents six works of art, each in its own separate room. Some are old favourites from our collection. Others are new works – on display for the very first time. What they all have in common is the fact that an author has articulated their reaction to each of them. Thus, the visual impression interacts with the written and spoken language in an equal encounter between the works of art and the contributions of the authors.


Historical kinship

The history of art and the history of literature are closely related. This can be seen in the changing trends and movements of the ages, and the various forms of expression they gave rise to. In antiquity, the relationship between visual art and literature was a major point of discussion. For example, the Roman poet Horace (65-8 BC) wrote: Ut pictura poesis. “Poetry is like painting.” What Horace meant was that there is an equal relationship between painting and poetry; between visual art and literature. Though the concept of art has evolved across the years and is now more wide-ranging than before, there is still a relationship between the two genres.


The aim of the exhibition Word | Image is to facilitate an encounter between word and image, expanding our experience of art and its many facets in this cross field. Concentrate on the work in front of you, read the text or listen to a recording of the author reading it.


The exhibition is an opportunity to explore the language of art by delving into the works and texts and making room for your own interpretation, amazement and fascination.